Security Researcher, Software Engineer and Designer

Full time procrastinator and introvert

Who am I?

A person of course.

Other than that, I am a web developer and a designer, and occasionally a native developer.
I also sometimes do some security research...
I often tend to write in web languages, and if I have to make an application I prefer to use cordova or electron.

I have been coding web languages for about 5-6 years... 
That includes HTML, CSS, JS, php, and more...
And tbh I hardly know any php, because it bad... It really bad...

Other than that I know a bit of C, Obj-C, Swift and many other like Python and Ruby.
Swift being the worst of them all, ain't nothing good about that. php is still worse tho.

What do I do?

I make websites, apps, programs and other weird stuff...
However do to my lazyness I hardly release anything.

Which is why my GitHub is mostly empty of public projects, which is kind of a shame :/

Other than that I just usually type on my laptop for a few hours at a time smacking my computer and getting confused, and then maybe some successful project will come out as the result, HOWEVER most people call it programming or coding...


A simple exploit to pwn older WebKit devices
A steam web scraper (Incomplete)



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